Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Song

We all have songs in life’s orchestra. The Composer has written my song: a sweet melody filled with intricate phrasing, key changes, and dramatic suspensions; but it is up to me to play what is written. I cannot change the music. I must complete every crescendo and place every finger perfectly because this song was written exactly for me. The Composer guides the direction my melody will take. Each one of our songs is equally beautiful and completely different. I cannot always hear the songs of each person around me, but if I trust the Composer, I know that every person I come in contact with will have their own melody that intertwines with mine and we can create a duet worthy of His praise. We might play our duet for a brief moment, as our paths cross once. Or we might play together frequently; creating harmony and lasting friendship. This I know: as I reach the end of my life and play my final note, I will be able to say that I’ve played with a full symphony orchestra. I will finally be able to hear the complete composition; and I will know that I’ve added my part. I’ve played my song.

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