Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Are Not Alone

This post is actually part of a letter I wrote to a friend who was struggling. It applies to everyone who is struggling with trials, heartache, pain, and even despair. If you are dealing with a trial or test right now, read this, because it applies to you. Know that you’re not alone in your suffering! Read it slowly and ponder as you go. I pray that these words might bring you some comfort and peace.

"There are tons of people around you... watching you. Counting on you to make the right choices. They are giving advice, pushing and pulling you in different directions; telling you what they think is best for you. Your parents, your leaders, your friends, even your family. It is difficult to find the light amongst this commotion. There comes a point when you have to just shut everything out for a while. Forget what people have been telling you... just let go. Find a quiet place where you won't be bothered - and ponder what has been happening in your life. Search within yourself for the answers... and pray. And if you don't feel like praying, pray until you do. Prayer is the key that opens the door to Heaven. But you have to turn that key.

When I think about what you've told me, I envision you in a crowd of people... this crowd of people care about you, they truly do. But you have a hand outstretched, grasping at anyone, searching... But these people can't see that your hand is outstretched... they don't understand what you need. They ignore your pleas, and they talk over you about petty things that have no meaning. They are oblivious to your hand. They are scared to take the time to truly sit and listen. But you are thirsting for someone to just listen. You are craving a compassionate ear, a friend, a person who will forget themselves and focus on you for just a moment. You are positive that it will help you... yet people don't understand what you need. So you sit down in the middle of this busy, familiar crowd with your arms around your knees and just cry. You don't understand the tears, but they come anyway. Why won't someone just listen for a minute? Does anyone truly care? Why can't someone take the time to notice? Isn't it plainly written on my face what I've been through? These are the thoughts that run through your mind as you sit on the ground, invisible to all those around you.

Believe me, I have been that invisible person in the middle of the crowd too many times. I have felt those feelings of heartache and despair. But I can tell you the ending of the story... and I can tell it to you with knowledge, not just belief. As you sit in the middle of the crowd, it begins to rain; the rain mingles with your tears. Sheer emotion makes your body shiver - fear, frustration, and even despair swirl around you. There is only darkness, and hope seems impossible. Then suddenly, at this moment, you see a man walking towards you. The rain stops. He is a familiar face, and though you are invisible to everyone else, his eyes look into your soul - you know he sees you. You look at him with surprise for a moment - he continues to walk toward you. He pauses right in front of you, and you notice his feet have scars. He gently, ever so gently, sits on the ground next to you and puts his arm around your shoulder. You turn to look into his eyes, and you see a tear fall down his cheek. That tear represents his love for you. Pure and sweet, his one tear for you heals all the pain, fear and worry. You talk to Him, and tell Him what you've gone through, and how you feel. You look into His eyes again, and know He understands. He has felt your pain with exactness. He stands up, and takes your hand, and lifts you to your feet. But He not only lifts you up physically, He lifts your soul to a place of understanding, joy, and love. He walks away amongst the crowd, and you stand there for a moment, pondering the reality of what just happened. You know His love. You have found your Friend, your Brother. You smile, and as you walk into the crowd, you can see a girl on the ground, her arms wrapped around her knees, her head bent with heartache. You gently, ever so gently walk to her, sit on the ground, and put your arm around her shoulder. You can see the invisible.

But I promise you... you are not invisible to those who love you. Most importantly, you are not invisible to your Savior. He knows what you have been through. He is ready, with His arms wide open. Not one person has ever had an experience exactly the same as yours. No one has. Aside from the Savior, only you have felt, seen, and heard what you have. And only you can fight this. No matter how much your parents, friends, and leaders want to fight this for you, they can't. Put on your armor... you alone are called to battle. I know you have the strength. I know you have the faith. I know you have Heavenly help, and angels on your side. Believe in yourself. You can do this. It is your challenge, your battle to win. You have been prepared your entire life for this moment... I know it is possible. It will take everything you have within you to fight.... even more than you have. But you can do this. Do what truth requires. And, know that there are thousands of us right next to you fighting our own battles for truth. We are all fighting in our own ways, through our own experiences. But we are all beside you... and when you need a helping hand, we will strengthen you - and lift you up when you falter. We will help you find courage again. Have faith. Remember courage. Fight for truth."

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  1. Thank you. This is just what I needed to hear... I'm at the point where I've reached a signigificant hurdle in my life that leads to the next great chapter and I've jumped over it; my problem is waiting for the next step. My patience is being tried over and over again while waiting for the next steps to come into play. You are AMAZING, thank you so much for your example and faith.